The Plastic Free July Challenge

We love it, you love it, the whole planet loves it! Are you ready to kick off July with the Plastic Free Challenge? Since 2011 the Plastic Free Foundation has been working towards its vision of a plastic free world. Their award-winning Plastic Free July campaign was started in Australia and has since grown to […]

How to Cook Dried Pulses and Grains

So you’ve been wanting to reduce your environmental footprint by switching to dried pulses and grains. You’ve popped into FoodLoose and bought all of your supplies, but now what? How do you actually turn these dried goods into soft, tender beans? The following guide will help you master the art of cooking dried pulses and […]

Simnel Cake with Vegan Marzipan

Traditional Simnel cake is a lovely thing to make at Easter, though we were surprised that it’s almost impossible to get organic marzipan outside of Christmas. But who needs to buy ready-made when it’s so quick and simple to make your own!? This fantastic vegan version is a lovely golden colour from all the delicious […]

New Year’s Resolutions, Veganuary and marmalade….

Single-use plastic seems to be on many people’s hit list for their new year’s resolutions in 2019! Many of you may have been ditching unnecessary plastic for even longer, whether you’re a buying-loose novice or a veteran pro, we’ll help you on the next steps of your journey. If you’re just getting started, check out […]

Food Loose is coming to Cheltenham soon.

Welcome to Foodloose and Plastic Free, Cheltenham’s new loose foods and refills shop.  We will be based at the Global Footsteps cafe in Portland Street, close to the town centre, Pittville Street bus stops and the car park.  So we are conveniently placed whether you come by foot, public transport or car.   Foodloose was […]