Our Brands

Faith in Nature

Faith in Nature founder Rivka Rose had a long-standing love affair with plants. Her passion flourished from growing avocado seeds on her windowsill in New York to studying herbalism and eventually relocating to Scotland and founding Faith in Nature.

Faith in Nature was one of the first companies concerned with ‘green’ beauty products – as you can imagine, it wasn’t very mainstream in 1974! This alone makes Faith in Nature the sort of passionate, trailblazing company you can trust.

Harnessing the powers of nature without harming it…

Faith in Nature believe in making decisions that put both our people and environment first. They make sure to manufacture locally, and only use naturally-derived, cruelty-free and vegan ingredients.


We are a social enterprise based in Oxfordshire which supplies sustainable detergents to shops, farmers markets, cooperatives and charity organisations. When we started we used to run a delivery service mainly to primary school parents, so we were called School Ethical Supplies Initiative – quite a mouthful! As we evolved we kept the name SESI, as some say it’s catchy! SESI Refill helps reduce people’s plastic footprint. With the surge of Zero Waste Shops and other established retailers changing to become unpackaged shops, SESI has a key role as a provider of ethical detergents which help everyone to become part of a circular economy. We have been lucky enough to be a valued alternative to those seeking to reduce food waste and cut their plastic footprint. As a social enterprise, we re-inject funds into broadening our product list and branching out to create new partnerships and Refill Stations. Our focus is not profit, it’s to do good.

SESI, stockists and customers are refilling about 1 MILLION bottles a year with our detergents!!!