Cream Cleaner – SESI


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This cream cleaner will shift stubborn, burnt on food stains on hobs and leave sinks looking gleaming. And it smells lovely too!

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Directions for use: Shake well before use. Apply to damp cloth and rub in, rinsing well after.

Ingredients: 5-15% Anionic surfactants. <5% Non-ionic surfactants. Preservatives (Phenoxyethanol), perfume.

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Allergen Advice

While we do everything we can to avoid cross-contamination, all products from FoodLoose are packed and stored in an area which has the following allergens: sesame, soya, nuts, peanuts, cereals containing gluten, milk, celery seeds and mustard. So, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that any products we sell contain none of these allergens.



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