About Us

Welcome to FoodLoose!

FoodLoose is YOUR local refill shop, set up in December 2018 as a response to the massive amount of plastic waste generated by mainstream shopping.

Our mission is to reduce the amount of single-use plastic ending up in landfill sites, our rivers and the ocean.

We believe that a new way of shopping is possible, that not only reduces plastic waste but also supports sustainable agriculture and ethical working practices.

By shopping with us you are voting for a better future!

FoodLoose became a Community Benefit Society, a type of cooperative, in June 2021.



Becoming a member of Cooperatives UK means that we are owned and controlled by our members and can serve our local community better than ever. All community shops are driven by a collective desire to make a difference to the future by doing something together today.

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Do You Want to Volunteer With Us?

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