Liquid Refills

We have recently made our liquids available to buy online for delivery or collection. You can choose to add a refillable SESI bottle to your basket or we will use an up-cycled bottle or jar.

All of our liquid refills are ethical, eco-friendly and cruelty free. We sell by weight, so you can buy as little, or as much as you need.


We stock SESI household liquids such as washing up liquid, laundry liquids, dishwasher rinse aid, cream cleanser and all purpose cleaner. We have two varieties of hand soaps and a hand and body lotion, also from SESI.

Our body wash, shampoo and conditioner are from Faith In Nature and available in a variety of scents.

We stock oils (extra virgin olive, sunflower, rapeseed) and vinegars (cider, white vinegar).