How It Works

How to Shop In-Store

Come along to the shop with your own containers

For food, this really could be any old container or cloth bag. Maybe an old Takeaway tub, or the plastic liner from your last cereal box – if it’s clean and securely holds food… it will do! We have a small supply of donated containers if you forget! (they have been cleaned but not sterilised)

For household refills, please bring a clean non-food container with the labels removed, if possible. (If not, we will cover the label in-store.)

We will serve you

Call us old-fashioned, but we like to serve you your refills. One of our volunteers will weigh your container and fill your jar with as much as you would like.

Buy only what you need

Once you have been refilled, all that’s left is payment. We accept all forms of cash, card, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

If you have other errands to run in town, you can drop your empty containers and a list of items and quantities you need with us and then collect everything later!

How to Order Online

  1. Head to the ‘shop’ section of our website and browse through our categories to find what you need!
  2. Enter the quantity you need and hit ‘add to basket’.
  3. Liquids are not available online but you can bring your own containers and buy these when you collect your order!
  4. At checkout, select if you would like to collect your order or have it delivered.
  5. Please note that next day delivery is not currently available, orders need to be placed 48 hours in advance.
  6. If you have any questions please do give us a call or send us a message at
  7. We pack your order in food-safe paper bags, (some of which are misprints from a local paper mill!) ready for you to store in air-tight containers when you get home.

When your order is delivered the delivery cyclist will place the order on your doorstep, knock and step back. If you are not in when you expect delivery or do not answer the door we will leave your order in a safe place. If you would like to specify a location, please leave this in your order notes.

We are pleased to note that following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, our customers will no longer have to rely on doing their FoodLoose shopping online. As such, from May 2021 we will only be offering membership discounts in-store.