membership faq

What does it cost?
£1 per annum

What do I get?
1. Points on all purchases! 1 point per £1 spent. When 100 points are accumulated, a £1 voucher will automatically be applied to the next purchase.

2. Never miss out on our news of new products, what’s back in stock and discounts.

3. Membership in our FoodLoose Community Benefit Society.

Do I need a card?
No, but if you have one, we can scan that for your membership details.

Do I have to redeem the voucher?
It is done automatically. If you don’t want to keep the credit, ask to donate it back to FoodLoose.

Can I save up vouchers?
No, it automatically redeemed when 100 points have accumulated.

How do I join?
You can join online or in the shop. Become a a member online by clicking on Shop / Gifts + Membership / FoodLoose Community.

How do I renew?
You will be sent a renewal invoice 2 weeks prior to the expiration of your membership. You should be able to pay the invoice by clicking on the link and paying via Stripe. This doesn’t require a FoodLoose account. If you are unable to pay the invoice online, or would prefer not to, you can renew your membership in the shop.

How do I know my membership expiry date?
It should be 1 year after joining or renewing. Ask one of our friendly volunteers to check your Membership Expiry Date.

Why do I keep getting reminder emails?
You will be sent daily reminder emails about paying the renewal fee from two weeks prior to expiration until two weeks after. Once that window has expired, the membership will be automatically terminated. Unfortunately, FoodLoose doesn’t control the frequency of emails.

Need more help? Please get in touch with any other questions.