Food Loose is coming to Cheltenham soon.

26 September 2018 0 Comments

Welcome to Foodloose and Plastic Free, Cheltenham’s new loose foods and refills shop.  We will be based at the Global Footsteps cafe in Portland Street, close to the town centre, Pittville Street bus stops and the car park.  So we are conveniently placed whether you come by foot, public transport or car.


Foodloose was born from a concern about the massive amount of plastic waste our society generates.  It is only now that we are beginning to see the full extent of the damage this does to our environment and we want to give people the opportunity to buy food and cleaning products without trashing the earth.


We will be supplying a range of organic and fair-trade dried goods such as beans, seeds, dried fuit, grains and nuts.  We’ll also be keeping a variety of refillable household and personal cleaning products such as washing-up liquid, toiler cleaner, shampoo and liquid soap.  Plus useful items such as wax wraps, loose toilet rolls, bamboo toothbrushes, re-useable coffee cups and much more.


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