Cheltenham in ‘blooming’ haiku poems

14th June 2023 0 Comments

A welcome carpet
Rolled out along Lansdown Road
Daffodils on show

Dazzling tulips
Nodding sleepily in beds

A flash of orange
Self-seeded marigolds
In Albion street

Snowy puffs of blue
Dug up from Midwinter plots
‘Not’ easy ‘to forget’

Iridescent blue
Darts between reeds in Pittville
Bird fit for a King

Ryworth allotments
Seed heads from last year’s onions
Count down to take off

St Peter’s churchyard
Abuzz with invertebrates
Unmown grass in May

The prom cenotaph
Regimented ranks of flowers
Heads lowered at dusk.

Petunias hang out
The Exmouth Arms watering hole
Pub Basket cases

‘FoodLoose’ shop window
A carpet of glass flowers
Painted alliums

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