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Butternut Squash
4 March 2024 0 Comments

A Fresh Approach to Vegetables

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Food is essential to our survival. We are all taught from a young age that we should eat fresh fruit and vegetables in abundance. But what do we consider fresh? Who actually has access to GOOD food?

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Seedlings In Biodegradable Bag

In the landscape of sustainable food living and community empowerment, local projects to reconnect people to food are springing up. Today, we’re diving into a vegetable charity that’s not just feeding mouths but fuelling a revolution. Project Grow stands tall as a beacon of hope and change, advocating for mindful consumption and holistic well-being, ensuring everyone has access to good, fresh food, regardless of circumstance. Food that is grown in soil that isn’t sprayed with fertilisers and pesticides but nourished with homemade compost, minimum packaging and next to no food miles.

Founded by the passionate grower Claire, who quit her job in project management, realising the essence of spirit is founded in the soil, that cultivates our food, mind and being. Project Grow is driven by the belief that everyone deserves nourishment from the Earth.

“It's a response to the stark reality that those relying on emergency food systems often lack access to wholesome, nutritious options. Instead, they're offered ultra-processed, non-perishable goods, hindering their ability to thrive within our communities.”

Butternut Squash

At its heart, Project Grow is more than just about growing fruits and vegetables; it’s about cultivating empowerment, education, and environmental stewardship. Through transforming neglected urban spaces into vibrant gardens, Project Grow is fostering connections with nature and nurturing a sense of belonging within communities.

Community building takes centre stage in Project Grow’s endeavours, connecting existing people and places to help streamline a healthy sustainable food system. Gardening transcends solitary activity, becoming a communal experience where neighbours unite over shared tomatoes, issues, and local experiences. At the start of 2024, they started collaborating with the Heritage Hub in Gloucester to use their under-utilised community to garden and the organisation Wiggly’s who offer cooking classes teaching those who are disadvantaged how to cook from first principles with fresh seasonal vegetables taking centre stage.

School House Cafe: Community Hot Meal Poster

Fresh, vibrant vegetables thrive at the Community Rest Garden, sowing the seeds of goodness that nourish the vibrant community of the School House Cafe.

Get ready to ignite change in April with Project Grow’s sizzling opportunity! We’re selling vegetable and herb plugs to fuel our vital community work, nourishing hearts and plates alike. Visit our website to join the movement and support our mission. Together, let’s plant the seeds of a brighter, greener future!

Project Grow’s mission is a testament to the transformative power of grassroots initiatives. By fostering urban agriculture and promoting mindful consumption, they are sowing seeds of change that ripple through communities. Feel inspired and want to get involved?

Where can I help grow?

Community Rest Gardens | GL51 9DP | Mondays & Fridays

Heritage Hub | GL1 3DW | Tuesdays

FCH Edible Garden | GL50 4AZ



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